Quick question... What is it that makes travel so amazing?  Why not just sit in the comfort of your own home, go to work, come back, and take the occasional vacation to sit around and do nothing?

Answer... Do you really need an answer?

What is there not to love about travel?  Life is about seeing the world, experiencing, doing more than just sitting on your couch and taking life in vicariously.

So, more importantly, what do you want out of your travel?

Do you want to hike through the tropics?

Lounge on a cruise while visiting distant islands?

Experience distant cultures to see what life is like across the world?

What do you want?

That’s one of the greatest things about working with luxury travel agents.  You can plan out the experience that you’d like to have, those journeys that you’ll be talking about for years to come, and make sure that you get exactly what you want.  After all, you’ve been planning it, waiting for it, anticipating for half a year, sometimes.  Luxury travel companies can get you there in style, making sure that you get the full experience.

So ask yourself, why do you travel?  Is it to get the posh life on a cruise ship, the best food and wine, and unforgettable sights for your memory and your photo galleries?  Do you want to be on the ground, in the mix of new environments and new cultures?  Do you want extreme sports, to test your limits and find out what you’re really made of?  How about a trip to Antarctica?  How about some time lounging on the beach of a tropical island?  You could dip your toes in the waters of Fiji or relax on the beach in the Maldives.

When it comes right down to it, travel offers something for everyone.  Cultural immersion for those who want to see the world.  Family fun for those who want to take their children on an unforgettable journey.  Luxury and romance galore for the honeymoon couple or those that want to bring a new spark into their relationship.  Once you know what you want to get out of your journey, the next step is to find one of the luxury travel companies around to make sure your trip is exactly what you dreamed of.

Luxury travel is one of the best ways to make your wedding special.  Or, to take your honeymoon to the next level.  Or, if you want to give your kids a new perspective on the world, why not travel to a distant island to expand their horizons.  Let’s take it a step further.  Have you ever gone on an African Safari?  Why wait?  Life is an endless series of opportunities, so why not take advantage of the time you have ahead of you to make your experience as phenomenal as it can be?

So, if this has gotten the wheels turning, feel free to contact us.  At Rose Bay, we are dedicated to giving you the experience of a lifetime.  Give us a call and we’ll help you to plan the journey of a lifetime.