Falling in love must be humanity's greatest gift. That precise amalgamation of chemicals and hormones, exploding like synaptic fireworks, sending your mind and body into ardent, tingling and impassioned orbit.

When it comes to luxuriously loved-up romantic destinations, your local Sydney travel agent has it covered, because we know, nothing screams 'amour' like a dreamy lovers getaway! Here are just three of our favourites...


PARIS, France's beguiling capital - an age-old classic but with its well-earned title 'the city of love', one that rarely disappoints. Boasting a plethora of gourmet eateries from classicly Parisian creperies, to postage stamp bistros, charming cafes, cocktail bars and top-end Michelin starred restaurants; Paris has it all. This ancient city, seductive and steeped in rich history, will have you gazing over your candlelit dinner like star crossed lovers.

Take a romantic stroll through Pont Neuf, or a trip to the Temple of love. Share a kiss under the glittering and enchanting Eiffel Tower, or a lovers embrace on the famous Love Lock Bridge. Why not take away the stress of organising your trip, and concentrate on the romance? Let your favourite luxury travel agents embody cupids bow, and fire you into your ultimate Perisian lover's tryst?

Koh Samui

Nothing says romance like palm-lined, white sandy beaches, turquoise seas, azure blue skies, and exotic rainforests. And Koh Samui, Thailand's second-largest island, has these attributes in abundance! One of the most famous island escapes, this stunning island haven is world-renowned for its rejuvenating wellness retreats, luxury hotels and of course, its honeymoon magic.

When it comes to hospitality and deliciously unique cuisine, the Thai are on another planet. With a vast selection of opulent, top-end resorts, you can expect cocktails upon arrival, or even fresh coconut ice cream. Take a tropical picnic tour around the numerous beaches of Koh Samui, or a sunset dinner yacht cruise.

For those wanting a more adventurous romantic experience, and fancy witnessing the love of their life hurled from a 50-meter bungee drop, there's Samui Bungy Jump, found on the bustling Chaweng Beach. Aside from transporting, feeding and terrorising yourself and lover, this friendly tour service will even provide a "Certificate For The Brave" upon completion of the jump and avoidance of heart attack.

The Whitsundays

Sometimes, you don't have to look past your doorstep for the answers. Off the coast of our very own Queensland, lie the 74 islands which make up the Whitsundays. With luxury honeymoon-worthy spa's and resorts, unfathomable natural beauty, and fantastic snorkelling out of Hamilton Island, why look further?

However, the real belle of the ball is Whitehaven Beach. With breathtaking turquoise ocean waters, white sand so dazzling you need your sunnies on max power, and so silky that NASA will arrest anyone caught taking grains for a sentimental keepsake, as they use it for their telescopic glass.

A sailboat ride there is required when the tide is right, and if you're feeling like blowing your special somebody's mind - a helicopter ride offers utterly spellbinding views. Plus, if the seasons right, you may even catch sight of the migrating whales.