IL Palazzi sits on a panoramic grassy plateau overlooking the wilder southern end of the Val d'Orcia. Near the base of Monte Cetona, it affords a birds eye view of the quintessential Tuscan landscape that was named a UNESCO Heritage site in 2004.

PRICE: From $9,800 USD per week

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Soft rolling hills topped by walled villages, cypress-tree lined country lanes and medieval fortresses ring the distant edge of the valley. These spectacular views have made an indelible impression on all travelers to this area for centuries. It was here, at this ruined farmhouse in 1980, in the shade of the mature oaks that dot the forest edge, that the owner decided to leave behind his fast paced lifestyle in Rome and New York and purchase this rare tract of land. A few years later he was camping in the ruins of the old farmhouse and planting the new vineyards that would become the famed Tenuta di Trinoro.

Since then, the wines of Tenuta di Trinoro wines have gone on to global success, but Il Palazzi, where he first lived had remained a ruin - until now. Over the course of 2011, Il Palazzi received a total renovation by a celebrated interior designer and is now a luxury six bedroom house with all the modern amenities, a full staff, beautiful gardens, and a large pool with vast views. Everything has been updated with the precision, care and style that has characterized the wines of Tenuta di Trinoro. The protected views of the Val d'Orcia remain the same.

Please note: The location of this vacation home, as others in the area, requires driving on a "strada bianca" - a typical Tuscan white dirt road. When renting a vehicle for your holiday, we strongly suggest not renting any vehicle with a low-carriage.

The following is a list of what is included:

  • Daily maid service
  • Daily breakfast
  • Free high speed WiFi
  • Air conditioning/heating
  • Satellite TV, GPS device, computer with printer
  • Complimentary unlimited bottled water, coffee, tea and soft drinks
  • Complimentary meals for children under 6
  • Complimentary private tour of the wine making Cantina of Tenuta di Trionoro
  • Full time access to English speaking concierge to aid in all arrangements
  • Access to a gourmet English speaking chef for all meals on request