Thinking about the next vacation, but not sure where to go?  This is one of those beautiful problems to have.  And, if you’re in Australia, here’s an option you might not have considered: Noumea.

Noumea is the capital of New Caledonia, a collection of islands just 1200 km east of Australia.  Luxury travel agents will tell you that it’s an ideal holiday destination, featuring a cheerful multi-ethnic community and an ambience that blends the casual and classy, the sophisticated and uncomplicated.  Noumea is situated on a large peninsula and surrounded by beautiful bays and gorgeous beaches.  The tropical atmosphere is ideal for letting stress melt away.

In addition to the natural sites, Noumea features a wide range of experiences for any type of traveler.  Shoppers can bargain hunt for imported Asian textiles or splurge on the latest fashions from Paris.  For dining opportunities, you can take in a relaxing meal at a waterfront bistro, enjoy cuisine at classic French restaurants in the Latin Quarter, or snag some fast food at a food van during a night walk through the park.  Whether you’re looking for a posh holiday or an easygoing break from city life, Noumea has you covered.

One of the first things you’ll notice upon arriving is the wide range of waterfront attractions.  Whether you want to explore or lounge on the beach, you can visit Anse Vata or the beautiful Baie de Citrons.  Both bays are surrounded by white sand beaches and beachfront attractions.  If you want to venture a bit further, you can check out the islands.  Both Îlot Canard and Îlot Maître can be reached in a few minutes by boat.  Each is perfect for a day’s outing under the sun.

One great thing about working with a Sydney travel agent is that it cuts all the complications out of the planning.  This is great in a place like Noumea, where you can soak in a wealth of cultural attractions.  Noumea features a unique blend of different styles and cultures.  You can see this everywhere on the island, from the museums, theaters, and art galleries to the architecture or cuisine.  The city has a long heritage from the native Pacific culture to the colonial structures and influences, alongside a host of modern luxuries.

If you’ve had your fill of cultural attractions, you can enjoy a wide variety of daily (or nightly) activities.  Like any tropical location, you’ll have the opportunity to walk or swim to your heart’s content.  You can also spend the day snorkeling, windsurfing, or kite surfing.  Sporty types can also enjoy golf or tennis in beautiful grounds.  Or, if you love the night life, you can take in a festive evening in one of the many casinos, bars, and nightclubs throughout the city.  No matter what you enjoy, you can speak with your Sydney travel agency to craft the ideal vacation.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.  If you want to know more about what Noumea has to offer, feel free to contact us.  Rose Bay is here to make sure your next vacation is unforgettable.