This unique tour is a special introduction and a exploration of the magnificent and tranquil Westfijords, so rich of natural beauties, incredible landscape and birdlife; ideal for those who want to get first hand touch for this extraordinary part of Iceland, often named “another Iceland”.

DURATION: 9 Days / 8 Nights
PRICE: From €37,267 for 4 persons
STARTING: Keflavik
FINISHING: Blue Lagoon

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Day 1: Arrival - Private Visit to a Local Farm & Food Experience - Barnafossar waterfalls - Into the Glacier

You will meet your guide at the international airport in Keflavik upon arrival.

We will now visit a local family run farm in Hvalfjordur, a beautiful fjord in West Iceland. The fjord is deep and was used by the US Navy to keep warships hidden in WWII. At the farm we will be introduced to farm life and get the chance to meet an Icelandic family. The farm has been in the same family since 1887 and three generations are now living there together. In addition to a great visit we will get a taste of delicious local food produces by the farmers, some of which they have won prices for like the blueberry-cured and smoked mutton, mussels, smoked lamb and home-brewed dandelion wine. You will go home smiling with great memories.

We will head up to the ice cap of Europe‘s second largest glacier Langjokull. On our way we will stop by the waterfalls of Hraunfossar (Lava Falls) and Barnafoss (Children’s Falls).

We will travel up to the ice cap in an 8-wheel truck; you might even see big crevasses in the ice. Your driver knows where they are, and will drive you safely around them.

The highlight of the ice cap will be going into a man-made ice tunnel. You will have a new and totally different view of the glacier. Never before has anyone been able to see the beautiful blue ice at the heart of an Ice Cap Glacier; it is not quite a Jules Verne journey to the center of the earth, or even to the absolute center of the glacier, but it feels like an exciting and magical journey, deep within the glacier, and it is deep enough to reach another world, a world of magnificent, stunning blue ice.

We will now head towards your accommodation at Hotel Husafell.


Day 2: Leifsbud - Private sailing and birdwatching from Drangsnes

Today we will visit Leifsbud a small museum about the adventures of the Vikings „Eirikur Raudi“(Eric the Red) and „Leifur Heppni“(Eric the Lucky).
The Norwegian Viking “Eirikur the Red” was remembered in medieval and Icelandic saga sources as having founded the first Norse settlement in Greenland. The Viking “Leifur the Lucky” was known for being the first European to have discovered continental North America before Christopher Columbus.

Next we will go to Drangsnes, where we will sail to the island Grimsey, on the way we will look at the wildlife and enjoy the sailing.

The Island Grimsey is manly all green and has one of the biggest puffin habitant in the north west of Island, along with 20 other bird species.

After our sailing adventure we can dip our toes in the hot tubs located down by the shore and relax.

We will now head towards your accommodation at Hotel Malarhorn.

Day 3: Kayaking at Ogur travel - Litli baer

One of the best places to go kayaking in Iceland is in the Westfjords at Ogur. You will enjoy a spectacular view and experience a quietness like never before while sailing through this fjord.

After kayaking we will continue our drive to a small, cozy and friendly coffee shop in an old house surrounded by some Celtic ruins and you may even experience some seal sightings. It is said that you can get some of the best homemade waffles in the area here.

Day 4: Osvor - Bolafjall - Guided tour of Westfjords heritage museum - Private dinner history walk at Sudureyri

Today there will be a fish feast, we will start the day at Osvor in Bolungarvik, which is a replica of an old Icelandic fishing station from the 19th century. Among the things you will be able to see, are rowing boats, tools, equipment, a salt house and a drying shed for fish.

Afterwards we will go on a sightseeing tour of Bolafjall. We will drive on the top of the mountain which has a spectacular view and some say that on a clear day you can see all the way over to Greenland.

We will continue our fishing tour by stopping at the Byggdarsafn museum. The Museum is set up in one of the 18th century buildings in the area. Fisheries have always been the biggest economic activity in Westfjords and this museum gives a good insight into their rich history.

Our last stop for today is at the town Sudureyri where we will go for a private food tour and learn some more about fishing in this area. We will end our day by having a delicious meal prepared from the fresh ingredients that come straight from the sea.

We will now head towards your accommodation at Hotel Isafjordur.

Day 5: Private whale watching and sailing to Vigur Island on RIB boat

Today we will sail through the stunning fjord of Isafjardardjup. On the way we will do some whale watching, we may also see some puffins and other birds having a swim and hopefully showing of on the way.

We then head towards the island of Vigur that has a large population of Puffins, Eider ducks and other seabirds.

While walking around the island you will be able to see the smallest post office in Europe, which is located in an old windmill, dating back from the year 1840. You could even send a postcard to your loved ones at home.

We will now sit down to enjoy some food before we head back to the boat.

We will now head towards your accommodation at Hotel Isafjordur.

Day 6: Private play about the Viking Gisli Sursson - Dynjandi Waterfall - Monster museum

Today we will stop at „Haukardalur“ where we will enjoy a viking themed play about the infamous Icelandic Viking „Gisli Sursson“, along with some refreshments while we walk in the steps of the Viking.
The Actor and his family will receive you with a warm greeting.

Next we will go to the waterfall Dynjandi biggest and widest part gets all of the attention and the photoshoots. Even though there are more and impressive, although a bit smaller waterfalls further down the river. In fact one is formed in such a way that the brave can walk behind it and still remain relatively dry.

It’s time to experience some horror. In the town of Bildudalur, is the famous monster museum. A museum that tells colorful and fun tails of a sea monsters that have played a big part in Icelandic cultural history.

You should let your mind wander and enjoy these horrific, although lively folk tales.

We will now head towards your accommodation at Fosshotel Patreksfjord.

Day 7: Latrabjarg cliff - Seal watching at Raudisandur - Flatey ferry

The cliffs at Latrabjarg are one of Europe’s biggest bird cliffs and happen to be one of the places where the famous Icelandic Puffins inhabit.

The cliffs are as steep as they can get and therefor provide unforgettable moments and stunning photographic opportunities. This is a feast for Puffin lovers since this is the best place in Iceland to see these bird up close.

Next we head to Raudisandur, a beautiful beach covered with red sand. Where we will be able to spot some seals on the coastline if we are lucky.

Afterwards we continue to Brjanslaekur where we will take a ferry over to Snaefellsnes.

We will now head towards your accommodation at Hotel Egilsen.

Day 8: Snaefellsnes Peninsula - Snaefellsnes Glacier - Vatnshellir Caving

Today we head over to Budir an old anchorage and later a trading center. There is a 19th century church which is quite unusual, not only in its setting, but also because it was raised by a woman who did not have the support of the church authorities, but special permission from the king in Denmark. This can be seen on a ring on the church door. Fine views. One of the best sand and shingle beaches in Iceland, good for sea and sun bathing.

Snaefellsjokull, (1,446 m) an ancient cone volcano, one of finest mountains in Iceland. An impressive sight from as far away as Reykjavík, from where it can be seen in clear weather, seeming to rise from the sea. Many prehistoric eruptions took place in the glacier-covered crater at its peak, and its slopes are covered with lava. A Journey to the Centre of the Earth, the entrance to the underground way was through the crater of Snaefellsjokull. In the eyes of both “traditional” believers in the supernatural and new agers Snaefellsjokull has more hidden power than any other mountain.

Djupalonssandur is a beautiful pebbled beach, with a series of rocks of mysterious form emerging from the ocean. It is one of the few areas that lead down to the sea along this coast with its high dramatic cliffs. Watch out for the famous ghosts roaming the place!

The rests of a shipwreck can be seen on the beach. On the beach there are also big stones which people tried to lift and test their strength in the days of the fishing stations: Fully Strong 154 kg, Half-Strong 100 kg, Weakling 54 kg and Bungler 23 kg. Weakling marked the frontier of wimp hood, any man who couldn't lift it was deemed unsuitable for a life as a fisherman.

We will now go caving into the magnificent Vatnshellir Cave, we will follow the path of the lava flow, about 200 meters into the cave and 35 meters below the surface to see amazing colors and lava formations. The 8000 years old cave is located in Snaefellsjokull National Park.

Last but not least, there is a beach near the abandoned farm of Ytri - Tunga which is well-known for its seal colony. The seals are friendly and curious and will climb up on the rocks near the sandy beach. Sometimes you have to be patient and wait for them.

You will also be able to see gerduberg which is a particularly beautiful and regular belt of basalt columns on the Snaefellsnes peninsula, which is flowed in the Tertiary era. The columns are 14 meters at their highest and around 1-1.5 meters wide. Gerduberg is listed as a natural heritage.

We will now head towards your accommodation in Reykjavik at Canopy Hotel.

Day 9: Blue Lagoon - Departure

Visiting Blue Lagoon Iceland becomes indispensable because of the variety of health and emotional benefits the destination offers. As the water comes straight from the depths of the earth, it is loaded with minerals, salts, blue-green algae and silica. These elements are believed to possess therapeutic powers. The color of the water is frosty blue, but the water is well warm. This destination provides the perfect atmosphere for you to relax and enjoy the moment.

Unlocking a new experience of the Blue Lagoon, the mineral-rich water surrounding the Retreat circulates through a terraced concourse of lava. With its canyons, corridors, and open spaces, this enchanting reservoir opens the door to the healing, rejuvenating properties of geothermal seawater.

You will have Retreat Spa at the Blue Lagoon Retreat. The Spa provides you with a private shower room (each for 1-2 people). It also includes access to a private lagoon with direct access to the Blue Lagoon and a private outdoor deck with stunning view. You will enjoy the luxury of the lounge and with its fireplace and designer furniture, is a haven of indulgent calm. You will receive complimentary towels, bathrobes, slippers and skin care products.

Your driver will drive you to the airport aiming to be around 2 hours before departure. You will go home with great memories and experience from Iceland.