In years past, when planning your vacation, you might have thought about bringing just yourself and the kids.  But things are taking a turn as family travel is on the rise.  Many people are swapping out their luxury vacations for more budget friendly packages that include activities fit for the whole family.  Multigenerational travel might be a surprising new trend for luxury travel companies, but it offers a great way for the whole family to spend quality time together.  But, when you think about it, there are some great advantages to travelling with the grandparents as well as the kids.

First off, one of the biggest stresses in travel is logistics.  When you have the kids along, it can be hard to take some time out for the parents.  You might end up on a babysitting holiday all the way through.  Bring the grandparents along and the equation changes dramatically.  You’ll have twice the caretakers along, and kids will still get to experience other cultures in fun and engaging ways.

Luxury travel agents will tell you that these trips make it easy to be together, and it’s a great way to celebrate milestones or special occasions.  Plus, the family benefits often outweigh those of special dinners or venue rentals.  Cruises offer day trips specially tailored for the older generation and there’s space for activities suited to each person.  Add to it that the entire family can be together for meals, drinks, and relaxation, and you have an ideal experience for the whole crew.

Here are just a few of the benefits to multi-generational travel:

1. You get the most out of your holiday

Most of the time, we’ll plan in a week or so with the grandparents and then spend the rest of the time with a trip.  This is great, but how about being on a trip the whole time?  Time is precious.  This way, the grandparents get to spend loads more quality time with you and the kids, while the whole family gets to enjoy new and unique experiences in the process.

2. People get along better on vacation

This is a biggie.  We’ve all experienced the tensions that can build up when the whole family is crammed into too small a space.  When you’re on holiday, everyone’s happy.  They all have their own space.  They have time to spend with one another, and downtime to chill out in between.

3. You can actually save heaps of money!

Here are some great tips from your #1 Sydney travel agent.  The strategy here depends on your situation.  First of all, how about when you have the grandparents living long distance?  Just take a flight there with the family, and you can enjoy a holiday in their town.  The kids and spouse get to experience a different locale, the grandparents get quality time, and everyone saves on travel costs.  Or, you can do it the other way around and have the grandparents come for a vacation around your own town.  This saves the stress of kids on a plane, while still making sure everyone gets the holiday experience.  If you’re all travelling together, think bulk bookings.  This is a great way to get some combined savings on your accommodations and other holiday events.

4. Different generations will have different perspectives and priorities

Grandparents are great at providing a historical perspective to the grand-kids.  They can also offer a bit more cultural context.  If you’re looking for a vacation that is both fun and educational, there’s nothing better than to have them along.  Both the parents and the kids can get enriched with the deeper understanding of the grandparents.

5. Grandparents are great for taking off some of the load of caretaking and babysitting

One of the challenges to travelling with the kids is that it can be hard to set up a date night or a bit of alone time.  Here is where the grandparents come to the rescue!  You’ve got an extra set of hands to help out in the odd moment when one child needs to be held or prefers not to ride in the pram, or just when you need someone to sit with them for an afternoon or evening.  This can make all the difference in your vacation experience.

This is just the tips of the iceberg.  If you’d like to know more about the options for family and multi-generational travel experiences, feel free to contact us.  At Rose Bay, we have loads of family packages suited to any type of holiday experience you can imagine.