Greece offers an unforgettable vacation experience with an endless variety of picturesque locations to visit. Begin in the eternal city of Athens with its nightlife and ancient treasures and history and then set sail to the thousands of incredible Greek islands with their own personal stories and delights.

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From the Aegean or Ionian Sea, remote or cosmopolitan islands, rocky, sandy, palm or pine covered beaches and landscape, there is a kaleidoscopic variety for you to enjoy on your own floating villa.

Bustling fishing ports open gateways to traditional ways of life with hospitable people and delicious aromas wafting from the local tavernas. Amidst Greece's unforgettable blue or amongst the renowned and diverse beaches, coves and coastline, heaven is found.

Greece is not just the country you know, but rather a series of Greeces, each superimposed on the other like successive layers of soil recording the passage of time; Prehistoric, Minoan, Mycenaean, Classical, Hellenistic, Greco-Roman and Byzantine Greece, the Greece of the crusaders and finally Modern Greece.

A unique form of equilibrium between man and his thought, manifested in temples and sculptures, which have spanned the centuries, forever recall us to order. The writer Nikos Kazantzakis, of Zorba The Greek, said it best; "Happy is the man, I thought, who before dying, has the good fortune to sail the Aegean Sea... Nowhere else can one pass so serenely from reality to dream."

Various itineraries can be made combining Greece's five island groups, as well as the Peloponnesian Coast:

  • The Cyclades: White washed buildings, lots of blue and the wind sport capital of Greece (MYKONOS, NAXOS, PAROS, MILOS, IOS, SANTORINI)
  • The Dodecanese: "12" islands full of Byzantine churches and medieval castles (SAMOS, PATMOS, KOS, RHODES, ASTIPALEA)
  • The Argo-Saronic / Peloponnese: Archipelago in Greece, named after the Saronic Gulf and the mainland West of Athens (AEGINA, HYDRA, SPETSES, EPIDAVROS, NAFPLION, MONEMVASIA)
  • The Ionian: Turquoise and green seas, Italian influenced architecture (CORFU, PAXI, LEFKADA, ITHAKI, KEFALONIA, ZAKYNTHOS)
  • The Sporades: Means "those scattered" islands, in the Northwest, full of marine life, greenery and clear seas (SKIATHOS, SKOPELOS, ALONISSOS, SKIROS)