If you want to enjoy the full range of luxury options for the whole family with no stress whatsoever, Club Med is the way to go.  Now, you might be asking, what is Club Med, anyway?  So, here’s the deal...

Luxury travel agents know that Club Med, is a company that specializes in all inclusive holidays for the entire family.  It features more than seventy resort villages in holiday destinations around the globe.  Almost every prime vacation site you can think of features a Club Med village that offers full accommodation, luxury cuisine, family activities, daily tours, and more.  All you have to do is show up, and you’re covered.  Plus, all Club Med destinations are family friendly, which means the kids will have plenty to do even if the parents want to catch some personal time to get romantic or just take in a few hours of stress-free time together.

Club Med vacations are a blessing for vacationers and luxury travel companies alike.  Just think of a destination.  Have you been to the Maldives?  Want to see Mauritius?  How about Hokkaido?  Bali?  Phuket?  These are just a few of the destinations available.  Just choose where you want to go and… that’s it!  Everything else is taken care of for you.  You can dine, drink, dance, take part in activities every day and night of your holiday, and you don’t have to arrange a thing.  Absolutely everything is sorted from the start.  No hassle, no stress, just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Club Med holidays aren’t just for families, either.  There are singles-only and couples-only packages as well, with the amenities and activities tailored to each.  Family vacation villages feature children’s clubs and activities for teenagers, as well as opportunities for relaxation and leisure activities, all of which can be enjoyed in the company of families just like your own.  For singles, you can enjoy entertainment and sports as well as pool time and other leisure activities.  Couples villages pamper you both with romantic sunset diners, couple’s massages, and more.  Plus, you can arrange wedding and honeymoon packages to make the most of your special moments.

The opportunities are endless.  So, the first step is to have a think about what you want to experience.  Then just get in touch with your Sydney travel agent and find out what packages will fit your schedule best.

If you want to know more, feel free to contact us.  At Rose Bay, we have a wide range of Club Med packages and our team can point you in the right direction for an unforgettable holiday.