Wonders of Antarctica

Antarctica is home to one of the most stunning landscapes on the planet – and one of the most extreme.  When you take a trip to Antarctica, to the most remote point on the planet, you’ll have the opportunity to see remarkable vistas of ice and sea, blue and white and a kaleidoscope of scopes […]

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5 Great Things to do in Antarctica

Antarctica is one of the most remote locations in the world.  Fewer people have seen the spectacular sights and phenomenal wildlife of the southern continent than any other place on earth.  You won’t find a place more epic, incredible, or downright overwhelming.  And while you may just think of seeing it through binoculars on a […]

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Antarctica Expedition

Make memories to last a lifetime. Leave bustling Buenos Aires and spend two relaxing days at sea prior to anchoring in unhurried Puerto Madryn. Anticipate rockhopper penguin and black-browed albatross watching on West Point Island as you prepare for the transformative experience of witnessing the massive glaciers and ice floes … […]

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