Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda

This safari takes you deep into the heart of the Virunga Mountains of Rwanda – home to the world’s largest number of endangered mountain gorillas. Experiencing the mountain gorilla is a profoundly moving experience that ranks on most lists of “10 things you must do before you die.” […]

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Southeast Asia Discovery

Museums, markets and monuments- this tour covers a lot of ground! See the best of Southeast Asia in a compact yet insightful holiday. Take in the modern metropolises of Bangkok and Ho Chi Minh City and all the quiet places in between where nature and history beckon the curious traveller. […]

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Swiss Lakes Trail by Bike

Uncover the scenic beauty and timeless charm of Switzerland on this picture – postcard self-guided cycling tour. Switzerland is ideal for cycling with plenty of well – marked and easily accessible trails to follow. The Lakes Route takes you on a awe-inspiring ride from Lake Geneva to Lake Lucerne. […]

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Classic Inca Trail

The Inca Trail is a demanding 4 day hike mostly at altitude through the Andes mountain range which includes high passes – the highest at 4,234m. Although it is a reasonably challenging trek with appropriate training it is a very rewarding experience. You will see many Inca ruins along the trail that, … […]

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South America Circuit

South America offers a world of unique experiences to suit any traveller. A region of contrasts this trip includes many highlights such as a visit to the vibrant and colourful city of Rio in Brazil, the historic ruins of the Incas and most recognisable symbol of Peru, Machu Picchu, the … […]

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Patagonia Wildlife Safari

On this Patagonia Wildlife Safari, there are three different itinerary options each day. Here we’ve set out an itinerary that doesn’t require too high a degree of physical preparation prior to departure – and one of the many beauties of staying at EcoCamp is you choose your daily activities. […]

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