Antarctica Tourist Attractions

So you might be asking yourself, what exactly does a trip to Antarctica have to offer? After all, it’s the starkest continent on the planet.  Below zero temperatures, winds upwards of 100kph in some places, what’s the draw?  Well, you might be surprised. The first thing is the wildlife.  You may not expect a place […]

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Why Travel?

Quick question… What is it that makes travel so amazing?  Why not just sit in the comfort of your own home, go to work, come back, and take the occasional vacation to sit around and do nothing? Answer… Do you really need an answer? What is there not to love about travel?  Life is about seeing […]

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Wonders of Antarctica

Antarctica is home to one of the most stunning landscapes on the planet – and one of the most extreme.  When you take a trip to Antarctica, to the most remote point on the planet, you’ll have the opportunity to see remarkable vistas of ice and sea, blue and white and a kaleidoscope of scopes […]

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5 Great Things to do in Antarctica

Antarctica is one of the most remote locations in the world.  Fewer people have seen the spectacular sights and phenomenal wildlife of the southern continent than any other place on earth.  You won’t find a place more epic, incredible, or downright overwhelming.  And while you may just think of seeing it through binoculars on a […]

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5 Amazing Details about Antarctica

Antarctica is the fifth largest continent in the world, home to the South Pole and one of the most mysterious places on the planet.  As of even a century ago, the journey to the southernmost continent was so forbidding that only the most brave or foolhardy explorers dared the trek.  Temperatures are below zero for […]

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Wildlife of the Antarctic

The first thing that comes to mind when you hear Antarctica might be ice.  And rightly so.  Miles and miles of ice, sub-zero temperatures, heavy winds, Antarctica is home to some of the most extreme conditions on the planet.  But despite these conditions, the Antarctic is full of life.  Some of the most amazing and […]

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Piermont Retreat at Swansea, Tasmania

If your pocket doesn’t stretch as far as Saffire, and you are looking for a spot of sense- soothing & serenity, then Piermont is certainly a welcome choice. This sanctuary of understated luxury & comfort is hidden on Tasmania’s East Coast on approach to the Freycinet Peninsula. Perfectly located as a base to explore the […]

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The Polar Bear & Other Treasures

“Walking on thin ice” Looking for the iconic polar bear is a bit like searching for your favourite book in the library. You are lucky if you find that precious book, but it’s the other treasures you discover on the way that make the hunt so worthwhile. I’ve been subscribing to Nat Geo mags since […]

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Villa Umbriana

Villa Umbriana is set like a gemstone in the heart of Umbria, close to one of the region’s most celebrated towns: Todi. From our garden you can see Todi perched up on a hilltop. The gleaming white early Renaissance church stands out against the town’s medieval spires and towers. I set out to find my […]

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